„I’m ready for a war and blood!” – Norman Parke before his fight on KSW 53: Reborn


Especially for You before KSW 53, we present the interview with the interim KSW champion Norman Parke, who will fight for the third time with Mateusz Gamrot!

Hello Norman, thank you for your time, how are you?

Hello I am great, thanks.

This is not your first longer visit to Poland, what do you like in our country that you decided to be here?

For the fight to happen I had to be here in Poland, it made sense as I prepared here in my last fight.  I like Poland a lot and the people are good,but I miss my son and my family too.

How are your preparations for the fight with Mateusz Gamrot currently? Is coach Kościelski in your corner is additional advantage over his former mentee?

Preparations are same as usual, some good weeks some bad weeks but in the end it will all be good.  Yes, Kościelski will be in my corner, I wasn’t doing this to throw anything at Gamer.

When you learned that you would fight at KSW 53, was it immediately certain that Gamrot would be your opponent?

Firstly I spoke to the bosses of KSW and they said they didn’t know when I would fight next… maybe August, September. Then, Gamrot was offered 2 fighters and they refused, so I got offered the fight and said no problem, it’s unfinished business, got I got the fight to Poland the following week.

Would you like to fight with Marian Ziółkowski? Or maybe you see other interesting challenges in lightweight division? Musaev, a rematch with Borys or fight with Kazieczko or Szymański?

Well Marian had chance to fight me and then he got injured, next he got offered to fight Gamrot and refused that he didn’t have enough time, their is other guys in the mix now. Musaev is solid fighter and I lost against a Russian In the UFC Rustam Khavilov, was very strong, I would love revenge on that one day. Borys and me will rematch, whatever happens in the future, this is a big fight for the promotion.

How were your days during the pandemic? Did You were in good condition, train something?

Yes, I did some running and some boxing, Ankos is hard training and they go hard every day, I listen to my body and if it’s fucked I will take a day off.

For how long are you planning your stay in Poland? Do you ever want to live here permanently?

I’m staying in a nice apartment which is nice, near the city of Poznań, I won’t move permanently as I have a son and I couldn’t move away from him, I will come to prepare for fights in Poland now as I have a feel for it from my first training camp.

Do You see any Mateusz chances to fight in UFC, where he wants to get?

I don’t think about where he wants to go I just think about me and what I’m doing.

When you prepare third time for the fight with the same opponent is it easier or just the opposite?

All fights werehard, if it was easy everybody would do it, it’s an interesting fight for the fans as there is a lot of questions to be answered for.

What do you think about Mateusz now? Do you think that a longer break from MMA adversely affects him?

Obviously he’s worked hard on his grappling and striking, but it don’t matter this is nothing I never seen before, I’m ready for a war and blood!

Who will win the fight Mańkowski-Wrzosek in Your opinion?

I’m not sure as this is Borys first cut to 155 in a while, last fight was 73kgs, I’m 50/50 on this fight, as winner could fight for the title next.

Thank you for this conversation, Norman, that’s all from me! I wish You successful preparations for the fight in July.

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  1. john McLernon 12 czerwca 2020

    Good luck to Stormin Norman but I think its Gamer who will need the luck.
    Sorry I can’t be there as the last KSW in Poland was fantastic-great people x


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