I was delighted with their fight and decided to try – Vanessa Romanowski on the way to the top!

vanessa romanowski

In today’s episode, I would like to introduce you to a young fighters girl who, at only 15 years old, can boast the titles of World or European Champion in K-1 and Muay Thai. He lives in Sweden, where he trains at the Allstars Training Center. Get to know Vanessa Romanowski closer!

Hey Vanessa, nice to welcome you!

Hey, thank you for inviting me.

How did your adventure with martial arts start? Any special moment in Your life decided about this?

My adventure began during a vacation in Thailand, where being at the Muay Thai gala I saw fighting girls who were younger than me. I was delighted with their fight and decided to try. After arriving in Sweden, I exchanged ballet for Thai boxing and this is how it started.

Do you focus mainly to train punches and kicks or do you often combine it with training for mixed martial arts?

I train Thai boxing every day, but also pure boxing too, and when it comes to ground floor – I train also grappling.

You’ve won several titles so far. Can you name us exactly what trophies you already have on your account?

I have won the title of Muay Thai World Champion, World Champion in K1 and Kickboxing for two years in a row. I am also a European kickboxing champion and Swedish Open gold medalist – also in kickboxing. I also have a silver medal in  Intercontinental Championship in muay thai. I also have 6 professional fights in Thailand.

Do you remember the number of fights that You have in Your account?

Yes, I have 43 fight for this moment.

This year you took part in the KSW summer camp. How would you rate the time spent there from the participant’s side? Were you able to learn a lot from it?

KSW camp is a really great test and experience. Trainings under the guidance of the best trainers, but also a good time spent in great company of people who have the same passion. This was my second camp and I hope that I will have more them in the future. What you can learn at the camp during the week can be compared to several months at a normal pace.

You train on the mats of the Allstairs club, known for talented fighters, including Alexander Gustaffson. Have you had the opportunity to talk with a former UFC contender?

Yes, at Allstars we have a lot of UFC fighters and other well-known federations. I see Alex several times a week. Here, there is a nice, family atmosphere and you can confidently talk, joke and watch the training of professionals fighters – that motivate on the way to the goal.

Are You Polish or Swedish?

I am born in Sweden and have Swedish citizenship, but my parents are Polish.

What is your opinion on the level of interest and popularity of martial arts in Sweden?

I consider the level of interest in martial arts in Sweden to be high, perhaps because I am in such an environment. After all, you can see how more and more new clubs are created and more and more people train in them.

How would you assess 2019 in terms of your development so far? Are you planning any more starts or trips to training camps by the end of December?

2019 is a good year for me so far. I won the fight in Thailand in January, then in March in the UK I won silver cup in intercontinental competitions, in August after 3-week preparations in Thailand I won again. Then there was a very successful KSW camp. In less than 2 months, I will have another trip and preparations for several weeks in Thailand, where I have a fights in December and January. I hope to finish this year with win and start next year with victory too.

Browsing your social media, I came across some photos from your stay at the Rawai Muay Thai club in Thailand. How do you remember this trip and how did it look like? What did it involve?

Rawai Muay Thai This is my second club. I have been training there for 5 years and I had the honor to represent them internationally-  Swedish Girl with Polish origin represented the colors of Thailand. It’s a great place. There I train and prepare for fights. A day on Rawai starts for me at 6.15 with a 6 km run, then training at 7.30-9.30 and another running at 15.00 – 6 km, followed by another training from 16:00 to 18:00. Hard days of preparation in tropical conditions, but also great experience, always result in preparation at the highest level. I love this place and it’s always hard for me to leave. They are like a family to me, so I can’t wait for December.

Have you ever try Your chances in amateur MMA competitions? If not, are such plans somewhere in Your head?

I haven’t participated in MMA fights yet, I’m still refining my skills. Of course, I have it in my plans and I will try in the future.

What are Your sport plans for the clotest future?

The closest goal is to win the planned fights in Thailand – in December and January. The next goal is the Swedish junior championship in March 2020. The World Junior Championships in Malaysia in September 2020 are also on the horizon. These are the nearest plans. The more distant are the Olympic championship in muay thai and a contract in the well-known MMA federation.

What is your life like outside of training? Do You have any problem with time between education and traingings?

I go to the last grade of primary school, where I finish my lessons around 15-16 o’clock. I go home for dinner and go to training. Wednesdays and Saturdays are free from training. So my hobby doesn’t interfere with science.

You watched live UFC gala watching in Stockholm. How would you rate this event with the perspectives of the person in the stands?

Yes, I was at 2 UFC galas in Stockholm. It’s an amazing experience, I lose my voice when I supporting my favorites fighters.

Are you up to date with combat sport information from the world? Do you have any idols whose career you often follow?

Of course, that’s part of my life. You need to know what is going on in different federations and in the lives of different fighters. I follow Joanna Jędrzejczyk, who is my idol, but other fighters too.

Do you often visit Poland?

I don’t visit Poland often, maybe 2-3 times a year, but I hope that I will be in Poland more often.

Your biggest sporting dream is …?

Hmm … I want to be the youngest fighter girl in history who will sign a contract with the UFC and win the Olympic Gold Medal in muay thai.

Thank you for your time. Together with our entire editorial team, we wish you good luck in realizing Your all plans! We keep our fingers crossed that in the future your name will attract crowds of fans to you!

Thank you very much and best regards. I would also like to thank my fans and parents for their support. And I want to say thank You to my club and coaches for perseverance and time devoted to me!

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